Senarai Nama Ahli 

Jackson Wong (5S1)

Kenneth Siaw (5S2)

Billy Tie (5S3)

Kelvin Ngu (5A1)

Simon Tiong (5A2)

Stanley Law (5A4)

Ting Heng Chiew (5A5)

Ngu Ying Siong (5A6)

Ung Ne Ching (5A6)

Chieng Chee Min (U6S2)

Jude Lai (U6S3)

Kelvin Ling (U6S3)

Jenny Ling (U6S3)

Cindy Wong (U6A1)

Andy Ting (U6A2)

Toh Nga Hung (U6A2)

Jackie Wong (U6A3)

Agnes Luncha Meluda (U6A4)

Data Keahlian

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